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25.6.2024 9AM


As of 1.8.2024, Mika Valtonen will join Niemco’s team to strengthen and support the company’s growth with his
extensive experience in both foreign and domestic real estate companies (e.g. Roundhill Capital, Nokia, Ovenia,
Sponda). Mika is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the company’s growth strategy as well as
the company’s sales, marketing and development.
”In my opinion, listening to customers is the cornerstone of any profitable business and the best change
consultant. Correspondingly, the well-being of the company’s own personnel, empathetic and goal-focused
leadership are a key part of the company’s sustainable foundation. Enthusiastic personnel is every company’s
most important resource that also produces satisfied customers,” says Mika. I believe in the ability of a Finnish
company to produce the best local solutions for its customers.
NIEMCO Management Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2009 offering property management services, lobby
services and office hotel operator services. We make property ownership effortless and implement the strategy
created for the property by the property owner. The goal is often to secure the property’s cash flow and value
preservation, technical functionality, high customer satisfaction and functional conditions. Our clientele
consists of various property owners all the way to large institutional real estate investors. We always tailor our
services to suit the customer’s needs.

Quality first

According to Miika Niemi, the owner and CEO of the company, ”the basis of our company’s existence is to offer
our customers the best property management, and we are first and foremost a service company. We firmly
believe that compromising on the quality of property management is often very short-sighted. Good and
professional management achieves the best end result for the customer. We have obtained the best evidence of
the quality of our services from independent customer surveys, such as KTI user service surveys, in which our
sites have often been the most successful.”

The company’s expertise and experience to support growth

Together, we will develop a plan that best suits the company’s capabilities to offer our employees new career
paths and provide existing and new customers with services that best meet their current needs. We pay
particular attention to the challenges of the current market situation for our customers.
Finnish companies now have the opportunity to differentiate themselves with local, domestic and flexible
services for their customers. For a long time, Niemco has been doing profitable and qualitatively excellent
business. The company is known for its good reputation, reliability, quality and long-term customer
relationships. We will continue in the same vein, but we will also expand our services according to the plan we
have drawn up together.


Miika Niemi, DI                                                          Mika Valtonen, DI, EMBA

Managing director                                                     Executive vice president                                    

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