Property Management (PM)

Our property management services are tailored according to the clients needs, and can consist of technical- and administrative property management-, financial management- and business park management services.
In our technical property management service, the manager ensures that the building works technically optimally. The technical manager ensures that the maintenance services fits the property, and if necessary, does bidding for maintenance services (property maintenance, outdoor area maintenance, periodic maintenance and inspections).
The technical manager monitors the activities of service providers.
In our administrative property management service, the manager acts as the managing director of the real estate company. In addition, the manager is in charge of the company’s administration such as budgeting, drafting of administrative protocols, issuing government declarations and reporting to the client. We also offer financial administration services.
In our Business Park management service, the manager organizes tenant and user meetings on a regular basis. In addition, the manager organizes user services required for the business park and participates in showings of vacant premises if necessary.