Lobby Services

We believe that the lobby service is the face and business card of the property. A good lobby service ensures a high quality and competent reception service for tenants and visitors,
which creates a positive image and increases user satisfaction for the entire property.
By choosing NIEMCO Management as the lobby operator, we are able to optimize revenue from the
property’s collective areas and provide more extensive services for property users. Our lobby service can operate collective meeting rooms and sauna facilities, which maximizes the income for the owner of the property. In addition, NIEMCO Management lobbies can provide tenants with wider user services as the lobby ensures and monitors the functionality of the services, and act as the primary contact person for them.

The lobby service works as a helping hand for the companies in the property, by
responding quickly to the needs and problems facing the premises, and by maintaining
premise security. The lobby service also communicates with other service providers in the property, and also oversees the quality of the property’s services and thus acts as a great coordinator.
We design our lobby service based on each object individually, with focus on the property’s general look, and by its users. By investing in recruits, we can ensure that the appropriate lobbying staff is found for every individual property.